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PROGRESS: Wildwood Update

Hey everyone!  If you missed this month’s meetings, don’t worry, we didn’t get too far either!


Please read as much as you can, try to read up to part 3, but if you can finish it that would be great too!

Today we talked about our impressions of Prue and her parents and wondered what we would do if we were ever in the same situation.  Some of us thought that Prue’s parents were pretty irresponsible for letting a 12 year old watch a 1 year old baby.  Some of us thought it was strange that Prue went home after her brother was kidnapped and didn’t say anything to her parents.

What would you do if you were Prue?  Do you think your parents would believe you if you told them your little brother was kidnapped by crows?

We also talked about the interesting word choices the author makes in his writing.  There are a lot of words used that we had never heard of and had to look up!  We decided we like the book because of this because it is helping us improve our vocabulary.

Matthew made a great point saying that reading non-fiction or realistic-fiction can help you learn about history or science but reading fiction really helps your vocabulary.

Some words or phrases we discussed were:

  • “a murder of crows” — meaning a grouping of crows
  • camaraderie — meaning a mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.
  • conjured — meaning to call (an image) to mind
  • aeries — meaning a large nest of a bird of prey, esp. an eagle, typically built high in a tree or on a cliff.
  • concentric — meaning of or denoting circles, arcs, or other shapes that share the same center, the larger often completely surrounding the smaller.
  • coalesced — meaning to come together and form one mass or whole

If you see any words you don’t know the meaning of or a new words you really liked the sound of, write them down and bring your list to our next meeting!


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